Color Glo Canada Leadership Team

Meet the leadership team behind Color Glo Canada.  Color Glo Canada has been franchising since 2000.

Color Glo is an international color restoration and repair company with hundreds of franchised offices throughout Canada, the United States and several foreign countries.  We specialize in repairing all types of damaged, mismatched, dirty, faded upholstery found in the home, office, automobile, private or commercial aircraft, boats, RV’s& commercial seating venues.  In addition, Color Glo offers re-dyeing or color restoration services for when you just want to improve the appearance of the existing finish or in many cases we can even provide a complete color change.

In the last 40 plus years Color Glo has grown from an idea to an International operation that encompasses the globe.  The corporate headquarters are located in Minneapolis, MN.  Over the years, Color Glo has been recognized repeatedly by National and International publications for the excellent products, value and quality of the services that they offer.

Color Glo is also proud to have received patents in this industry including a process patent for using the Color Glo process in aircraft.

In 2006, Color Glo became the first and only ISO Certified Company in the industry.